Wimborne Lounge Refurbishment

Wimborne House reception has undergone an extensive refurbishment which began at the beginning of 2017. The building is a well-recognised landmark dominating the surrounding landscape having been one of the few buildings to survive the bombing of WW2 and at the beginning of 2017 the reception underwent an extensive refurbishment. Upon arrival, you are greeted by the discreet signage that confirms your destination and hints at the sophisticated design within.
The entrance into reception has always been through a beautifully restored wooden panelled vestibule, and it was this that helped guide the design of the entire reception space. Keen to stamp the identity of JJ onto one of the few communal areas, the design was to take its lead from the sumptuous look and feel of a members club. It is in this environment that JJ Media’s commitment to exceptionally high levels of service, and luxurious finish are best reflected.
The richness and warmth of the wood has been carried through to the floor that was sourced from the roof rafters of a Victorian school in Newcastle and painstakingly hand cut and laid in an intricate and eye-catching pattern across the entire space.
The walls have all been clad in wooden panelling taken to a height of 8ft to bring the eye level down from what had previously been a tall blank white space and painted in a deep aubergine as part of a rich palette of colours used around the room.
The reception bar counter had initially been housed at the reception in Perseverance Works but was brought across to maximise its scale and period feel. The counter was adapted to house our Coffee bar in partnership with Grind and finished off with panelled fascia, and a bespoke brass kick plate which allows the whole bar to appear to be hovering above the floor.
The brass detail has been carried through into the booth seating that has been custom built and upholstered to give clients a place and space to break out and enjoy a quiet coffee or have a meeting away from the noise and distraction of their studio. The booths wind their way across the floor from the entrance, punctuated by marble tables which have been designed specifically, and aged using multi-layered painting techniques.
The seating hugs the windows which dominate the New North Rd side of the room, and have been entirely reglazed along the bottom panes with a reeded glass sandwiched together with a frosted pane for privacy echoing the 1930s Deco soft edged feel of Reception.
Sitting beneath the windows, white marble tiles edge the soft green upholstery running to brass detailed ends with warm table lamps sitting above.
Now fully refurbished, Wimborne Reception provides an elegant and refined welcome to the JJ Media Group, reassuringly warm and inviting, with a level of service to match.
We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit.
Head to https://jjmedia.com/locations/15472 to book Wimborne Lounge for your next event or shoot.