Three Reasons why Connect (Film Locations) is changing the location landscape

Over the years, the trend for shooting ‘on location’ has grown significantly. Clients often prefer diverse, unique locations that better convey the illusion of realism through real life wear and tear and architectural details. With so many options available on the market, it’s guaranteed you’ll find a location space suitable for the theme or vibe you’re looking for, whether that’s modern sharp interiors, classic historical buildings, the comfortable and colourful, or glamorous retro style. There is no limit to what is interesting, big or small, normal or unusual – there is a demand for nearly everything.


With the interest in location spaces increasing, JJ Media have chosen to revolutionise the way in which clients can find and secure a location by introducing Connect (Film Locations); a strategic decision based on a response to industry demand. This innovative new system is changing the location landscape for the better by making the clients life easier and their projects more cost effective. Our purpose is ‘to inspire creative collaboration through every project shared’, and we inspire people to create content by opening as many doors as possible! Connect (Film Locations) is one of our vehicles to achieve this.

So, why do we think Connect (Film Locations) is so revolutionary?


Connect (Film Locations) is direct

First and foremost, one of the most significant aspects of Connect (Film Locations) is the ability to deal directly with the homeowner, thus reiterating the concept of ‘less chat, more action.’ If you’re part of the ‘click and buy generation’, Connect (Film Locations) is the service for you; it benefits shoots where you know exactly what you want and you want it now. This inevitably means that you can get your project done quicker and more efficiently, saving time and money. (What more could you want?) Imagine the simplicity of finding a great location online, sending out a quick enquiry, getting a prompt response, and then deciding upon the final details with the homeowner there and then. Search, secure, and pay: 3 easy steps that have remarkable effects. Take a look at the Connect (Film Locations) user dashboard below!



Connect (Film Locations) is available 24/7

Everything is done on an online portal, meaning you can use Connect (Film Locations) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and full on-line support is available via our on-line chat service. Our average owner response time is also around 3 hours which is much quicker than many of our other competitors. In today’s world almost everything is done online with the click of a finger or the swipe of a screen, so why wouldn’t we move with the times and revolutionise the  location booking model? Whether you’re busy running around at work, or relaxing on the couch at home, we understand that you don’t always have time to, or want to, be calling an agent and waiting for a response. This is why the idea of being able to browse our locations at work, on the go, or in your own time, and sending a quick message to an owner like you would a friend, is so appealing! Welcome, a peer to peer system that works.


Connect (Film Locations) reduces the price point and creates access to more stock

Using Connect (Film Locations) to book your locations cuts out the cost of a booking fee. (No, there’s no catch) The result? Locations that are easy to book and cheaper to hire, making it a more cost effective process for the client. Instead of booking a location with another agency and having to pay an unnecessary booking fee, source your locations direct by using JJ Connect (Film Locations) – it really is that simple. This way we can inspire more creative collaboration by lowering the price point and making great houses more accessible.

Connect (Film Locations) has changed the way we make magnificent properties accessible to our clients, making it easier, quicker, and cheaper. It’s therefore no surprise that it’s growing every day – why not try it for yourself and see?

Start searching now…


Some of our stunning Connect (Film Locations) locations available now for photo shoots and filming: click to view and Connect (Film Locations) direct!


Windsor Road


Park Gate

park gate 3

Pheasants Hatch