The Power of The True Focus

Are you focussing on the eyes and then recomposing? If yes you might want to read this about the True Focus function on the Hasselblad H6X.

True Focus helps you nail focus throughout the image field. What does that mean? most DSLRs use multiple focusing points to allow for the shift in focus when recomposing. This works ok although most DSLR’s have the most accurate points around the centre of the frame. However, any recomposing will result in some loss of focus. Many photographers use the centre of the focusing screen to focus, they then lock the focus and recompose the shot (believing the focus to still be locked on the eye). This recomposing will cause a very slight focus error which, depending on the focal length of the lens, aperture and subject distance, could throw the intended area (in this example, the eye) out of sharp focus. See below diagram:


Using True Focus (in AF-s Mode)

1) Reset Camera to Default profile (short press RED ON/OFF button)

2) Aim the centre of the focusing screen at the subject (say the model’s eye) press the TF (Thumb button on the back of the camera). The TF logo will come on in the viewfinder with an audible beep to confirm it’s locked on

3) Recompose your shot (drop the centre of the frame down for example to the eyes up at the top of the frame) and press the Gold shutter release (after the mirror flips up the camera does some clever re-calculation to correct the AF drive to retain focus on the eyes).


The Below chart shows the visibility of the True Focus Correction (the more orange the greater the correction)


So a wide angle lens focussed close up will have the greatest shift in focus error and therefore the greatest True Focus Correction. If you’d like to try a demo let us know, we can set you up with a side by side comparison between the H6X and the Phase One XF body.

To arrange a demo please call us 0207 688 0203.

Notes: The sensors in the H6X are only programmed to detect movement of the camera about its own axis! Lateral movement, ie. side to side (shift) or rise and fall are NOT detectable by the H6X sensors. So once you’re locked on, leaning into the model (or indeed the model moving) will not be compensated for.