Shed Heaven

Some of the most interesting features of the properties we represent at jj are sometimes found in the garden rather than the main building…

Boughton Monchelsea Palace, Kent

Film Locations - Green gypsy caravan

Although this gypsy caravan is currently static, it provides a great backdrop towards evoking an idyllic, nomadic lifestyle. This most vintage of vehicles sits alongside a sturdy manor house with a rolling estate with its own deer park. It’s a bonafide country estate in the heart of the home counties with many attributes for crews to utilise. 

Wellington Eclectic, Bow

Colourful sheds from Wellington Eclectic film and shoot location

A whole village of sheds in the thriving East End of London. Attention to detail has been everything inside and out for this project which is constantly being added too. Great for social gatherings, living out your childhood dreams, and a quirky setting for photo shoots. 

Valley, Buckinghamshire

Dilapidated green house overrun by trees at film shoot location Valley

Nature has been busy at work in its attempt to reclaim these greenhouses. This site in Buckinghamshire is unique, extensive, and film-friendly. Part haunting, part majestic; big units and smaller photo shoots are all welcome. 

Surrey Gardens, Surrey

Cave like folly at film and shoot location Surrey Gardens

Most dictionaries will describe the art of building follies as being ornamental without any practical purpose. However, they’re not so pointless to a location agent. Hire of these locations for events, filming, and photography dishes out a greater sense of purpose, and allows the wider world to see these imaginative tidbits that are often tucked away on a rolling estate. This grotto is no exception, it appeals to everyone’s childhood ambitions of discovering and exploring magical places… with dragons. 

Mill Stream Cottage, Kent

Rustic outhouse shed at film and shoot location Mill Stream Cottage
The shack. This jj Exclusive location is a slice of the hidden depths of the southern states of America… but without the costly plane ticket, the threat of alligators/Donald Trump, or concern around being pursued down the river by inbred rednecks. Yes, you can peacefully duel banjos from the safety of Kent. This outdoors smorgasbord of countryside location is strewn with top-notch props and is a very experienced location, providing its own Winnebago already in situ for crews. 

Holkham Estate, Norfolk

Colourful beach huts at film and shoot location Holkham Estate

Is your estate so big that it stretches all the way the sea? If so, you might want to start collecting beach huts and tins of bright, vintage-colour paints. These are just some of the sumptuous treats on offer from this stately house in Norfolk. jj Locations is working with East Coast Productions to further develop the filming and photography agenda of this treasured part of the British Isles. 

The above is just a morsel of some of the inspirational properties I have the privilege of working with. Get in touch for assistance with scouting locations of any shape or size!

Emma x

-Library Manager, jj Locations