We Reflect over the ‘Reflection Room’ – London Design Festival 2017

As part of London Design Festival, we visited ‘The Reflection Room’ at the V&A and were presented with a surreal, yet peaceful experience. The installation, held in the Prince Consort Gallery, created by designer Flynn Talbot, transformed the space into a truly immersive experience.

Reflection Room‘ used 56 Gloss Black Barrisol panels to line the length of the former textile room and orange and blue tube lights installed at the top and bottom of the space.





The reflective surface of the panels gives the illusion of bars of light populating the entire space, carrying each colour around the 35-metre-long gallery. There’s a sense of warmth as you move towards the orange light and a calm coolness towards the blue.




Whilst walking around we become a part of the exhibition, being lit up by the lights as well as creating dark silhouettes.





This isn’t Talbot’s first installation using light, ‘Horizon’ a past project of Talbot’s recreates his favourite time of day. This installation equally uses the visitors as an integral part.

The installation was seemingly simple in its design, yet powerful in its outcome.