Printworks: A Unique JJ Media Group Venue

Printworks London (formerly Harmsworth Quays) was established in the London Docklands in 1989. For 24-years The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and Metro newspapers rolled off its presses. The unique site has now embraced a new lease of life as ground-breaking, multi-purpose event spaces.

Best 4

Dividing the site into 6 distinctive spaces, artistic projects quickly sought the space’s Bauhaus-style interiors. With the Press Halls being almost the same size as Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, filmmakers have wide-scope for their visions to come alive. The filming of the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies at Printworks ignited a trail of cinematic scenes shot on-site.


Further feature films including The Avengers: The Age of Ultron and Criminal starring Kevin Costner. They highlight the versatility and ease of shooting at Printworks. Dynamic edits and multiple angles can be shot inside the expansive interior that totals 119,200 sq. ft. and 40,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space. This includes impressive ceilings as high as 16.8 metres within the Press Halls.  Printworks offers raw industrial features, vast spaces, atmospheric shadows and urban interiors to create stunning audio-visual effects.

The Press Hall (Metal Framework)

What makes Printworks Unquie

What really sets Printworks London apart is its unparalleled accessibility. Featuring an abundance of parking space for production teams, the venue boasts ample space for an on-site unit base. Sets can be built securely and seamlessly in a private-gated site with 24-hour security and fantastic vehicle access via the location’s loading-bays. What’s more, as a Vibration Group venue, Printworks offers a network of first-class production support services.

Printworks is available to book from JJ Media Group, email for more information