Panuara Octadome ‘The Portable Window’

The 5’ Panuara Octadome is fast becoming one of the most popular lights for smaller location productions. 

Available with either the 400HMI Soft Light head (adaptable to 575W Tungsten Discharge* see below) or the 1000W Tungsten Halogen fixture.

400W HMI is dimmable from 100-40% and comes with a 1000hz Ballast, whereas the 1000W tungsten head can be used with an inline dimmer. Output from the HMI is around f8 1/125s (@ 400 ISO)

The reflector itself is a large 5ft soft reflector that comes with two internal diffusers:

  1. Standard inner diffuser = even light with no hotspot
  2. Rim Diffuser = Brighter Outer Rim giving a true wrap-around light quality – this is where the name ‘aura’ in Panaura comes from – try it at close distances and observe the gentle light/shadow transition.
  3. 40-degree exit angle grid to control spill, very useful in smaller room sets.

TIP: Loosen the Velcro straps on the reflector, then insert all 8 rods into speed ring, finally apply pressure to rods and fasten velcro ties.

Other advantages include:

  1. Very light and portable
  2. Double the light output of Fresnel with softbox (light in focal point of reflector)
  3. Only 40.5cm deep or about ⅓ the depth of a Fresnel with softbox!
  4. Fast setup time**
  5. Can be used overhead easily rigged from the ceiling or boomed in.
  6. Hot restrike (great for fast set up in multiple locations)
  7. Plug straight into 13amp domestic


* The DLH400S head can be used with the new 575W Tungsten Discharge lamp (effectively a Tungsten HMI) this has the advantage of giving 4x the output of a Tungsten Halogen lamp (80lm/w instead of 20lm/w) this is also dimmable from 100%-40%




**The record for setting up (from opening the zip on the bag to turning on fixture) is 58 Sec! Think you can do it quicker? …..