Lighting Hire

Our mission is to provide a seamless line of service for all our production industry clients.

Equipment chosen and quoted

We work with you to get a better understanding on your unique project. Our highly skilled and experienced team can then select the correct equipment that is suitable for your film, photo shoot or event.

Picked and tested

Once you’re happy with the quote given and the equipment selected, all the equipment is then picked and checked. We then test all of the equipment to make sure there are no faults.

Packed and delivered

After checking all of the equipment we carefully pack the equipment, ready for our delivery experts. All equipment is then sent out at your requested time to ensure it reaches you in time for your shoot.

Collected and checked

When you’ve completed your production our team will collect the equipment from the location you are at. Our operations team return and repack everything ready for the next hire.

Enabling your vision

Our complete spectrum of services allows us to provide assistance from the very start of your project up until the conclusion of your production, giving you the opportunity to focus solely on your production while we take care of the rest.

Highly skilled team of account handlers

JJ Media’s account handlers are available to help throughout your project. By creating a seamless line of services we can offer you the support you need by taking care of the small details, including the selection of equipment. We make ourselves accountable for everything making it easier for our clients to focus on the creation of beautiful content. Our highly skilled team of account handlers are available via live chat, phone or email to talk you through your next production.

An extensive inventory

As the industry is evolving, we are investing heavily into production equipment that can facilitate all your social and advertising campaigns. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and support to the content creation economy. Selecting the right Production equipment can sometimes be challenging, that’s why we’ve got a team of experts ready to help you from the very beginning of your projects, all the way through to your final piece.

We have an extensive inventory of lighting, cameras and production equipment to choose from. We are constantly keeping abreast of new technologies that the industry has to offer, so if you’re interested in hiring production equipment contact us today and our team would be happy to lend a hand.

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