New in Rental – Sigma Zooms

New in Rental Sigma 18-35mm T2 & 50-100mm T2 Zooms (EF Mount)

Two new High Speed (EF Mount Zooms) T2 from 18mm – 100 mm!

Outstanding optical performance ready for 6-8K resolution


  • T2 Brightness throughout the entire zoom range
  • Compact Size 180’ Focus Rotation
  • Super 35mm Format
  • Standardised Essentials – So Gear position in the same place, Color Correction matched, Filter size and Front Diameter the same
  • 9 Bladed Rounded Diaphragm
  • Close focus 28cm (18-35mm) & 95cm (50-100mm)
  • 95mm Front Diameter

What we like

  • Much better form factor than using Canon Zooms
  • 180’ Focus Rotation & Standardised Gear positions
  • Virtually no Breathing (zooming whilst focussing)
  • Well corrected distortion, practically invisible at 24mm and very small at 18mm
  • Clickless Iris ring
  • Dustproof Construction
  • Well built All metal body
  • Perfect match for everything from the Canon 5Dmk4, C300mk2 to the Arri Alexa Min
  • Nice lens markings in luminous paint, readable from either side
  • A great price point for such high quality/fast lenses.

Get in touch to put them on your next production or come in to test them for yourself.