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New in Rental: The LiteGear S2 LiteMat 2L


The New S2 Litemat is 40% brighter than the original and has an extended Kelvin range of 2000-6000°K. In addition, overall CRI has increased to 95+ with a matching TLCI of more than 95!

The S2 LiteMat 2L measures 9.5 in. x 19 in. (240 mm x 480 mm) and is less than 1 inch thick! And weighs just 1.6kg

Mounting is provided with a Kino Flo “K-Mount” system, removable gimbal mount or ‘lollipop’.  So will mount on any ‘Baby’ 16mm stand or magic arm for example. (you can also just velcro them to the wall)

12vDC 100W 8AMPS can be powered from Domestic 13amp or 4X AA batteries !!!!!!!!

Flicker – None It has been tested up to 1000fps.

The Litemat 2L gives you: F4 @1/125 (400 ISO) 1M

screen-shot-2017-07-12-at-14-40-41*Mid (4300°) equates to mixing 2 Tungsten & 2 daylight tubes on a Kinoflo fixture.



The Lite Dimmer Pro Hybrid

8Amp Dimmer allows the use of a remote switch to quickly turn the fixture on and off, dimming 0-100% and colour Temperature adjustment.

Other features include Bump, Fire, and Paparazzi Effects; Overdrive Mode for Maximum Output; Remote Trigger Jack.


How to change modes

  1. Place the switch in the center (OFF) position.
  2. Locate the PROG button in the lower section of the front panel, and using the included actuator tool, depress the PROG button for approximately 2 seconds. The indicator light will begin flashing.
  3. Turn the “Level” knob until the flashing indicator shows the color that corresponds to the desired mode. 4. Confirm the selection by depressing the PROG button again for approximately 2 seconds.



This provides the absolute maximum output for the desired Kelvin temperature. The indicator light will be white.


This mode allows you to select a maximum brightness, enabling fine adjustment for low-level requirements. The indicator light will be blue.


This mode allows each of the two knobs – “Kelvin” and “Level” – to be operated independently as two separate channels, each controlling brightness. (Adapter sold separately.) The indicator light will be yellow


This mode allows for instantaneous full output when the PROG button or the Remote trigger button is pressed and no output when both buttons are released. The indicator light will be purple.


This mode allows for the PROG button or the remote trigger to trigger a paparazzi effect. The indicator light will be alternating purple and white.


This mode allows for the PROG button or the Remote trigger to trigger a fire effect. The indicator light will be orange.


Is a multi-wall polypropylene (coroplast) skirt that helps control the light output by limiting the amount of light exiting the fixture beyond the 120-degree primary field. It mounts to the LiteMat head with Velcro and is used in conjunction with the below accessories.

Parasquare Louver

An aluminized plastic molded sheet with parabolic elements within each square cell that provides the desired light output with refined edges and an even field.


Comes with three densities of grid-cloth (quarter, half, and full)