Mad About the House: An Expertly Styled Location

JJ Media Group is delighted to have welcomed Enid’s House into our connect inventory exclusively. The owner, Kate Watson-Smyth, is the journalist responsible for the award-winning property, interiors and design blog Mad About The House. Her passion for interior design is clear in the subtlety and brilliance of her newly renovated home. We can now, for the first time, offer it up as a stills and filming location. 

Where did your love of interior design originate?

I have always loved interior design since childhood although I didn’t call it that then. I always loved arranging my room and choosing things to go in it. Later on, after going freelance (following many years as a newspaper reporting), I started writing about property and interiors and that was when it really took off.

What matters to you the most in your living space?

There is no one thing – rather it’s a sense of the whole space coming together to feel like it truly belongs to us and tells our story. I would say that must be true for anyone’s home.

How did your blog ‘Mad About the House’ originate?

I had been freelancing for over ten years but as newspaper sales declined so did the work and I set up the blog as a sort of online CV hoping that I would find more work through it. It took off in ways I could never have imagined.

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Why did you decide to renovate two rental flats rather than buy a bigger space outright? Was there something unique about this location that appealed to you?

We wanted a place we could do up and this was the one that came up that was in the right place and we could afford it. I wouldn’t have chosen to turn two flats into one house – there’s a lot of boring money that needs to be spent on plumbing and electrics and removing walls as well as replacing ugly rental fire doors so it means there’s less left over for the fun stuff. I have lived in this part of London for 20 years, there’s nowhere else I would rather live and, when we bought this house, it was close to my sons’ primary school.

Why did you decide to sign up for JJ Connect?

I had always hoped that perhaps the house could earn its own living, it’s early days but the signs are good and JJ has been a pleasure to work with – always on hand with help and advice and ready to answer any questions.


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