The Depot Venue


The Depot Venue

The Depot Venue, Manchester

Depot is a 10,000-capacity venue for culture located at Manchester’s historic former railway. Part of a £1billion regeneration project, the Depot will provide a platform for a diverse programme of arts, music, industry, culture and community events in this unique found space showcasing Manchester’s industrial past.   The former railway station comprises of 2 large scale warehouses offering the ultimate industrial backdrop and three interlinking archways for you to make the new home of your shoots and sets. The multiple flexible spaces of varying size lend themselves to numbers of any size from 2 up to 10,000.  The venue’s city centre location is in easy reach from anywhere in the UK via Manchester’s extensive multi-model transport network and is a convenient 2 minute walk from Piccadilly train station.   Depot provides the perfect balance of space and raw industrial charm, with its unique architecture, natural light and shadowy areas there are endless opportunities. The outdoor Platform is distinctive with its original iron works and urban surroundings. From vast warehouses and interlinking Arches Depot creates the perfect backdrop for photoshoots, video and film & TV productions

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