Scadbury Place


Scadbury Place

Scadbury Place, Kent

A semi-detached, 3 Bedroom – 2 Bathroom house with a back garden in leafy Kent near the Scadbury Nature Reserve. It is a 1960s build, cosy and divided on two principle levels – Ground and First Floor. It has its own attic and a 4-foot high basement. The garden house a fishpond, a pavilion laden with grape vines and a lawn. On the inside, the ground floor is open-plan, making movement fluid and flexible between the entrance corridor, lounge, kitchen, dining, garden and stairs. Whereas on the first floor we have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms is converted into an office. The house has all basic amenities including Wi-Fi. All residential, it is a very quiet neighbourhood, ideal for filming. If needed, additional shoot may be organised in the nature reserve close by. The house is not on any airplanes’ path or disturbed by major traffic. In addition to that, the windows are fully double glazed making it that much easier to record sync sound. The house is decently decorated, with neutral brilliant white walls and ample natural light. The house is well accessible, with good off-street parking, within driving distance from central London and close to A20.

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