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Why register with jj?

We have been around since 1987, and have nearly 30 years knowledge and experience in the film, photographic and event industry. Based in London’s Shoreditch, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and our clients’ requirements for their shoots.

There is no charge to register your location with us, or for its ongoing promotion. We have a broad client database of over 10,000, so we are in a fantastic position to place your location in front of the biggest names, including Vogue, Next, The BBC and Google.

A welcome pack outlining how the booking process works will be sent out after we accept your registration, if you would like to read through this before registering please let us know and we will email this to you.

What makes a great jj location?

We represent a select portfolio of awesome locations across the UK and internationally, from loft apartments in Shoreditch to Stonehenge. Our policy is to represent unique spaces, so if you feel your location has that special something then we would love to hear from you.

The key requirement for any residential location is that it has good sized rooms, large enough to comfortably fit a photographic crew of around 10 people (minimum). Good natural light is a bonus and some unique, interesting features make for the perfect location. Our most popular properties are those within the M25, where the majority of our clients are based, however we also work regularly with locations nationwide. Please browse our location library to get an idea of the range of locations we represent.

How to register with jj

Follow the steps to complete your registration form, this will give us all the information we need to represent your property, and permission to do so. You will then receive an email with your unique registration number, prompting you to send your images to us via our WeTransfer channel. We cannot accept images by any other method.

Tips for taking pictures

- Take as many photos as possible, of the areas that are available, to show the full potential of your property.

- Try to get some wide-angle shots to give an overall impression of the space.

- Use natural daylight instead of flash where possible.

- When shooting towards windows, expose for the room, not the window.

- Optimum size for web use is 1100 pixels wide for landscape or 1100 high for portrait, however we prefer to receive higher res.

- Please send highest quality images in ‘jpeg’ format.

- Good images are essential, so if we feel your location would benefit, we can arrange for professional photos to be taken of your property by our photographer. These images will be owned by jj Locations.