Las Almendras


Las Almendras

Las Almendras, Lubrín

The house is beautifully peaceful surrounded by mountains and no neighbours, lots of parking and open spaces for amazing drone footage.   The main house has a big kitchen, sitting room, bedroom downstairs with a bathroom, then upstairs a zebra head corridor another bathroom then three bedrooms with mountain views.   Then outside the house looks down over an old river bed and mountains there is a gorgeous cactus garden with a pool area, chill out covered area and then the ‘Piggery’. This is a smaller house with two bedrooms, a kitchenette and bathroom.   At the end of the garden is a historic stoned circle area where the old village families would meet to discuss matters. These elegantly made stone threshing circles, called eras in Spanish, bear witness also to the times of more rainfall when cereals, particularly wheat and barley, were important crops. The threshing boards, made of planks of wood fixed together and set with hundreds of flints in rows, were ridden round and round, pulled by horses, to separate the grain from the straw, in an annual tradition that was one of the key moments of the year.   

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