Bolsover Castle


Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire

Imposing historical location in Derbyshire – founded in the 11th Century. The "Little Castle" built from 1612 on. Restored interiors with symbolic and erotic wall paintings. Stately rooms in Terrace Range. Big Riding House and stables. Castle battlements and ‘Garden of Love’ restored. Working Venus Fountain with 23 new statues. Sir Charles Cavendish began work on his ‘Little Castle’ project in 1612. His creation – despite its embattled appearance – was not designed for defence, but for elegant living. Production credits include: Jane Eyre (2006); I’m Famous & Frightened Attributes: stables, fountain garden, painted walls, opulent 17th Century interiors, derelict elements, vaults, 1600s decor.

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