Location Live – The Science Lab

We recently introduced a new and exciting way to showcase the diverse range of properties we have on our books here at JJ Media Group. Location Live introduces the Science Lab, a 1930’s Location available to Hire in East London.

During our new social launch ‘Location Live’ we will be visiting a hand-picked selection of our favourite properties to give you a behind the scenes look at these incredible locations and demonstrate the shoot and filming potential they have to offer.

Our first stop was ‘The Science Lab‘, a new location to the JJ Media Library and boy is it beautiful!


The Science Lab is a 1930’s refurbished property with bags of history, charm and the most incandescent natural light. We caught up with the owner, Carlo Viscione, to find out more.

Carlo, a Swiss-born designer, started his career as a bookbinder and it was whilst binding photography, design and architecture books that he was inspired to pursue a career in design and began his BA (Hons) in Spatial Design.

What projects have you worked on since becoming the successful and credible designer you are now?

‘I’ve worked on many different projects, ranging from interactive installations, boutique and high street retail, restaurants and bars. I now run my own company called ‘Made With Volume‘ and I focus on private residential properties, boutique retail and public spaces’

It’s no surprise that Carlo’s job is in the design field when you look the impeccable choice of furnishings, the mix of vibrant colours and textures that compliment each other perfectly, and the seamless layout throughout The Science Lab – one of many things the building has lent itself to over the years.


Before you put your stamp on the location, what was it before?

The property was built in 1935 as an annexe to a Victorian school and was used as an art department, science lab and canteen.

‘The original school got demolished and replaced with a care home in the 1980’s and so the annexe became surplus to requirements. It became a recording studio in the late 80s/early 90s and there are rumours that East 17 might have used it at some point’ says Carlo.

Although hard to believe now, the property later got taken over by squatters and was apparently a good place for an illegal rave before it was converted into two flats and rented out until 2015 when Carlo and Florence purchased it.

What influenced the design?

‘Our approach was to refurbish any original features, such as the solid pine herringbone parquet flooring, the terracotta perimeter tiling and to reinstate the steel windows’ Carlo tells us how this is how they have managed to ‘keep the spirit of a 1930s industrial house but infused with 21st Century technology and design’.



Whilst walking around the property, we were taken back by the abundance of natural light, casting pleasing shadows around the building. Many clients who have used the location to shoot in haven’t needed to use JJ Media Group lighting equipment as the property is naturally flooded with it. Great design helps the light flow seamlessly and one of our favourite features has to be the exit onto the sun terrace, situated on the roof of the property. Placed at the top of the beautifully restored original staircase is what appears to be a window, but with the push of a button, it opens up to a terrace with views of the London skyline.


The roof terrace is such a fantastic feature of the property but it didn’t come without its challenges. ‘Getting planning permission to convert the flat roof into our wild-flower garden/terrace was tricky and took two attempts’.

Carlo’s attention to detail is impeccable throughout the property and he told us how this was extremely important when picking the main contractor to do the renovation works. It took around five and half months on site to complete the property and surprisingly came in under budget and ahead of schedule!


Carlo and Florance have lived in the property for about two and half years and have welcomed shoots from the likes of Dunelm, Not On The High Street and Warehouse UK with Pandora Sykes. The Science Lab is one of our favourite new locations to grace our library – if you’d like to shoot here, get in contact with one of our Location Account Handlers:


020 3773 1648

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