LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 4

The LiteMat Spectrum 4 is an all new offering from LED specialists, LiteGear. Found on sets all across the world, the LiteMat series has become a staple of the film industry. Their low-weight, high colour accuracy and riggability have made them an industry standard. The Spectrum 4 is an ultra-thin, mount anywhere fixture that now offers full 360° colour control.

The Spectrum offers 360° of pure accent colours that can be further modified with 100 steps of saturation. All colours are REC-709 Color-Space Compliant, for extremely accurate colour representation. The Spectrum offers an expanded kelvin range, from 2,000 to 11,000k. Forget scrambling for gels, the LiteMat now utilises inbuilt plus and minus green correction, up to 8 stops, for quick and easy modification on set!

Included as standard are the usual fantastic kit components, including three levels of fabric diffusion, a quick fitting polyskirt and a parasquare louver, as well as a fully rotational elbow joint. It is also compatible with all previous LiteMat 4 accessories!