K6500 Lighing Joker² 1600w HMI

Introducing the new K6500 lighting Joker² 1600w HMI.

The K6500 Joker² 1600w is the highest powered in the Joker² range, and welcomes new upgrades on the industry standard Joker 1. Emitting power comparable to a 6k tungsten fresnel, it is certainly a powerhouse, with a modular and compact form factor.

The kit comes as standard with four fronts that emit a range of light qualities; a specular reflector, and three classic PAR lenses; medium, wide and super-wide, as well as a set of barn doors for quick light cutting.

The 1600W comes with a dimmable ballast, which is able to work at both 300 and 1000 Hz frequencies for High Speed shooting. The ballast can also be run off of a household 13amp socket, with low power draw. Using the “Lumenradio” app, the newly designed ballast has an antenna and DMX panel allowing for it to be controlled remotely.

The Joker² series is lightweight, rugged and portable making it a great choice for most creative cinematography and photography applications.

We are delighted to also house the full Joker² range, with the Joker² 400w and Joker² 800w in stock, as well as source four adaptors, chimera rings and other accessories to maximise use of these fantastic daylight sources from K6500.