JJ Media Rebrand

Why did you decide to redesign the office? 

In order to achieve the growth and full potential of the company, we needed to build a working environment that supports and embodies our vision of the company. When welcoming existing and new clients to the business, we needed an office which is future proofed and kitted out to make JJ Media more desirable than ever before.

What do you think you will achieve by doing so? 

We’ve created a working space that allows us to move faster and more efficiently.  We are surrounded by great technology and design which will inspire staff and clients at all times.  This makes JJ Media a more desirable business to work for, and a more desirable company to do business with.  This is the most inspiring working environment we could create for our staff, and we expect this to support our growth strategy.

What impact do you think the new branding will have internally and externally?

The newly re branded JJ Media Group explains our vision, mission and values clearer, providing a stronger internal culture.  We are more focused and equipped, with talent and opportunity meaning our appetite for growth is larger than ever before.

What does the future hold for JJ?

Connect is set to keep us busy for a number of years to come as we explore more and more cities to add value.  This will be a primary focus of growth for us as a business, and we will be looking to add 24/7 support worldwide to aid in the value of the services we offer.

We need to address our carbon footprint and approach to being green too.  We recently invested in our first fully electric van for our rental department, and although it’s far from ideal in terms of size and capacity, it’s a step in the right direction for the way I would like to see the business running in years to come. 

We are always on the look out for more space, new venues, new studios and forever showcasing the latest and great rental items, this is a process that will never end.  

Josh Jones

CEO & Co Founder