JJ Media Manchester: the next location hotspot

JJ Media Group has officially opened its Manchester office!

Manchester has the fastest growing creative industry outside of London. It was therefore an ideal area for us to expand to, as one of the most creative cities in the world that is renowned for its music scene, media, rich culture, and heritage. The unique, untouched stock is simply crying out for us to add value and we’re very excited to take advantage of this thriving, growing, creative scene. When JJ Media Group first started out, the JJ empire well and truly established itself as a well loved and respected location agency, finding locations for photo shoots, TV, films, music videos, commercials, press launches and media events. Since then we have kept our core intention, but grown and excelled in our execution. We hope to uncover some hidden gems in our endeavours to find the best that Manchester has to offer. Focusing on location representation, we are looking to open as many doors as possible to inspire creative collaboration.

What better place to expand to than the creative hub of the UK itself? Strolling through the Northern Quarter, your eyes are distracted and captivated each way you turn. You find yourself either admiring the abundance of street art or appreciating the alluring architecture of buildings towering above you, recognisable from many TV shows and Hollywood films. It’s the endless opportunities that this city possesses that initially drew us to it, and we’re now in the process of seeking out special locations to add to our library.

Before working at JJ I hadn’t even heard of signing up a location for shoots or filming, and I’m sure that many people who aren’t used to working in this industry would be in a similar position. But I can honestly say that it’s truly an exciting adventure. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving an enquiry, the thrill of a client such as Netflix, BBC, or Vogue wanting to shoot in your home, and the sense of pride that overcomes you when you finally see the finished product printed in a glossy magazine or shown worldwide on the big screen.

We’re looking for absolutely everything from the weird to the wonderful; residential homes, warehouses, conversions, venues, restaurants, hotels, etc. You really can make money from your property, no strings attached. We want to represent you, and in exchange we offer the best service and support to our homeowners and clients. If you’d like more information or have an idea of a location you think might be perfect, please email our new Mancunian account handler Lindsey who is heading up our Manchester office right now.

And without further ado, take a look at our fabulous new Northern locations that are currently available for all types of shoots and filming. For any enquiries on booking these spaces, please email lindsey@jjmedia.com