JJ Foundation Winners Gallery

1st Place

Poppy Stamp

This image is part of my ‘Simulated Reality: Tokyo’ series, which was photographed in Tokyo, Japan using a Nikon D800 and the soft natural light of a cloudy sky. For this project, I researched into the transient nature of life compared to the permanence of the pixel, in a society so obsessed with technology, using graphic shapes and lines to give my photograph a very graphic, almost 2 dimensional feel.

Judges comments:

‘Poppy’s unusual use of colour sets her work apart. Considered thoughtful compositions with clean graphic lines gives her work real impact.’ Dan Kennedy

‘Poppy has a unique graphic style, using colour and lines in abundance. Her portfolio is diverse, scanning fashion, travel and portraiture with an equal understanding of content and composition. I particularly like Poppy’s winning entry for its juxtaposition of colour, subject matter and location.’ Johnny Jones

2nd Place

Joanna Wierzbicka

“The point where we meet” may be a surface or a line between two bodies, spaces, layers. We know fashion can translate a persona and appear as a boundary between us and others, almost like a mask or a second skin. It can make us feel comfortable and confident, enable to create the image of the self and coincide with others. But not only.

Garments mask, wrap and perform. They deform and create the human silhouette at the same time. Sometimes they fail and reveal the natural shape of the body, its naked form. They conceal and reveal concurrently. They constitute points, lines, surfaces, layers, spaces – by allowing them to meet cause the coexistence between absence and presence.

The series is about embodiment, disembodiment and the awareness of bodily sensations achieved through the tactility of clothing. The nature of works is highly playful and experimental; they aim at depicting the intangible relation between physical and mental tension. Photography as a medium is explored by its ability to stress the sculpture-like quality.

Judges comments:

‘Joanna’s Beautiful, wild, sometimes haunting abstract work has instant power. Every picture she makes is captivating. Dan Kennedy

‘Joanna has a deep understanding of the art form in photography. Her pictures have a sculptural quality, sometimes haunting, often obscure. I chose Joanna’s winning entry for its use of muted colour, sculptural content and composition.’ Johnny Jones

3rd place

Lottie Barrett

This image is entitled, ‘Face towards the light’. I shot the image on my Canon 5D Mark II and use an ISO of 100, shutter speed of 1/250 and an aperture of 1.4. Shot in all natural lighting, I positioned the model between the leaves so that the sun just caught her face, which helped emphasise light and made the image look very hopeful. Her eyes really draw you in to the photo, I wanted her face to tell a story but a story that is personal to an individual. To me the sun on her face is calming, and the light symbolises hope. The blue leaves really make this image tranquil.

Judges comments:

‘Lottie’s distinct portraits are beautiful and ethereal, showing the world she’s already an accomplished portrait photographer.’ Dan Kennedy

‘Lottie has an extraordinary talent for portraiture, and in particular, her subject’s connection with the camera. Like many good portrait photographers, eyes and lens are focused on each other, appearing to go deeper than the surface. I liked Lottie’s shallow depth of field, tonal quality and magnetic contact with her subject. We are drawn to the eyes and captivated by her gaze.’ Johnny Jones

The Winner of the NSPCC Christmas Card

Jack Bronziet, 18

Judges comments:

“I Love the way the camera has managed to capture so perfectly the sun in the middle of the girls jump and it just shows to me, that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve something which I think is inspirational.” NSPCC

‘Jack managed to capture the dancer framing the sun to perfection. I thought this image encapsulated the theme “Dreams & Aspirations” – whilst also producing an uplifting image for the NSPCC Christmas card. Overall, the photograph demonstrates technical ability and creativity in abundance.’ Johnny Jones

2017 Winners Gallery

Robert Spicer

Overall Winner & Portrait Category Winner

Image – Men Do Cry

Kira Krasz

Overall 2nd Place and Street Photography Winner

Image – The Suburbs

Emma Carney

3rd Place Overall Winner and 1st Place in the Fashion Category

Image – A Family Friends