JJ Acquisition and Launch


I have some very exciting news to share with you. I am thrilled to announce that jj has acquired SNAP Studios and ThreeFour Lighting & Camera Hire.
Acquisition of SNAP and ThreeFour
SNAP spans 15,000 sq ft, encompassing 5 bespoke studios in Shoreditch. ThreeFour serves the photography and film market with lighting and camera equipment.All together, jj now spans 30,000 sq ft comprising 10 studios, a full stock of lighting and camera equipment, and a 2,000 strong location library. We are now firmly placed to meet all of your creative requirements. 
This marks a major strategic redirection of jj as a brand, but more than an acquisition of two successful businesses, this is a merging of talent, and I am pleased to welcome Guy Heritage and Richard King to the jj board. Guy and Richard bring a wealth of experience to the jj group and we are equally as excited to welcome all of their staff to Team jj!Together our goal is to build a business that serves our clients impeccably, holding true the family values from which we were built.  With the broad spectrum of knowledge that our 35 strong team bring to the table, we are committed to offering the very best service, the highest standards and a proactive approach to remain one step ahead of our clients’ expectations. 

As the creative and media industries continue to evolve around us, it is imperative that jj continues to be fully prepared to service it. jj has a rich heritage, a vibrant team and a strong board. Now is the right time for us to propel the company forward, and we do so with great enthusiasm and passion. 

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a number of new products and services, but right now, I am very excited to introduce you to SOHO, the most recently fully refurbished studio within the jj Studios portfolio.

 soho studio
– 3,300 sq ft

– Lovingly restored

– Bar area

     – Private entrance

     – Beautiful concrete floors

     – Stunning light

Click here to explore SOHO in more detail.
Speak soon, 
Josh Jones

Josh’s announcement today has been the culmination of hard work, determination and a passion for the business!

I am absolutely thrilled with jj’s development and expansion over the years. Since 1987 our business has grown exponentially and this acquisition will only help to cement and strengthen our respective brands, whilst retaining our vision to offer only the very best in creative spaces and facilities.

We now embrace an exciting new merge of talent, studios, venues, digital, lighting and locations – a truly unique blend of creative versatility – and I would personally like to thank the directors for all of their hard work in pulling this together.

– johnny jones