Events at JJ Media Group

Organising events can sometimes be daunting. Whether you’re booking a Conference, Away Day, Christmas Party or even just a meeting. Detailed planning is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day, here are some points to consider when making those crucial early decisions;

Choose the ‘right’ space for you

Blank canvas spaces are ideal as you will be able to tailor the space to suit your specific needs. It’s great to be able to build an event from scratch and give your guests a unique experience. This might mean moving numerous tables and chairs into a space, decorating it with flowers or even building a temporary DJ booth. At JJ we have experience providing all of the above for an extensive range of events at both our sites, Perseverance Works and Wimborne House.

Every great event should have plenty of light. I know it sounds obvious, but when have you ever enjoyed a conference or away day in a dark dingy room? Inadequately lit spaces can bring the atmosphere down, and often feel very claustrophobic. Large windows in our studios provide plenty of natural light, making our event spaces feel welcoming and engaging. 

It’s also very useful to have breakout areas for cloakrooms or even space for guests to escape and adjust their attire. Guests will often congregate around dressing areas as well as more casual Lounge areas, and of course, the obligatory on-site coffee and/or cocktail bar is a major bonus for longer lasting events and parties. Head over to Milliners and grab a fresh Grind coffee! Check out our tailor-made lounge bars, a great place to hang out.



On-site staff are a must at any large event. Last minute extras? Our helpful Studio Assistants will be able to source anything you might need, from umbrellas to non-dairy bread. Need any help with set up? Our experienced event producers will make sure everything is prepared.

For events where you are offering food, we’ve partnered with catering companies that can provide a range of delicious options, which is an all-important load off your mind.


If high-tech equipment is involved in any large event, that comes with its very own set of problems. We are an all-inclusive events company with an equipment department and an inventory of AV and PA kit, that will prove to be invaluable on the day. This also means experienced equipment experts will be available for the duration of your event, for those last-minute tech nightmares.

Making the right choices will ensure your event runs smoothly, as well as fitting the unique brief which is specific to you. Book our award-winning service by emailing, we will be there to help every step of the way.