Essential Production Kit 101

No kit job is ever the same. Every member of the crew has their own particular set of tools, and they vary from production to production. But despite this, there are some production kit essentials that every ‘on-location shoot’ has to include. Forever in demand, we decided to spend our latest investment on top of the range production kit that really wow’s. Let’s describe a day shooting on location, and go through what you might need step-by-step. 

You’ve just arrived at a beautiful secluded location in the countryside. What does everyone fancy first thing in the morning? The answer is always coffee. Enjoy endless delicious cappuccinos on location with our portable Nespresso machine!

Rain or shine, you’ll definitely need some sort of cover in the form of our brand new Ez-ups – easy to assemble and easy on the eye. Following this you’ll surely need a trestle table to set everything up. Get ready in comfort and style with our makeup mirror, fluffy robes and slippers.

If you haven’t already, now would be the time to get the tunes on. The new Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker is a listening revolution, one of the best performing portable Bluetooth speakers yet. It delivers true 360° sound for consistent, uniform coverage. 

For those ever-precious garments, that are usually the star of the show when it comes to shooting content for high-end brands, we’ve got everything you’ll need from clothes rails, steamers, irons and ironing boards, and wooden hangers. Wait, what are you going to plug the steamer into? Good job we have generators!

Picture a movie set, and no doubt one of the images that comes to mind is the director’s chair, the standard seating choice for film directors for decades. If you want to look the part, then don’t miss including this in your next kit list!

One of my favourite new products is definitely this branded walkie talkie set, packaged in a way that is sleek and professional. Radio communication is the backbone of most sets, and efficient use keeps production moving quickly. Avoid overtime costs by keeping up to speed with your schedule.

Has it suddenly got a little chilly? No worries if you remembered to order one of our portable fan heaters! Or perhaps the sun has suddenly emerged (seems unlikely but we’ll go over all possibilities) you’ll be covered with our Laptops and Seaport’s. The matte hood exterior reflects unwanted heat to help keep your laptop cool when working in bright sunlight.

The day has been a storming success thanks to your trusted JJ kit. That’s a wrap; time to get on your plush robe and slippers to make for a comfortable car journey home. Finally looking forward to that Netflix and Chill. 

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