Electric Van

End-to-end production agency, JJ Media Group, announce plans for wider eco-friendly initiative starting with electric vans.

Over the next 15 months, JJ Media’s entire fleet of transportation vans will go green, run on electric and produce zero emissions. As well as being good for the environment, the new e-fleet will be better for business and more cost effective for clients.  In addition to the vans, the JJ Media Group green rollout will encourage everyone to cycle more, further reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

In a bid to lead the charge in being the UK’s most eco-friendly production service provider, JJ Media Group is currently going through a complete overhaul of its operating process with the electric fleet being the first phase. _DSC0026

JJ Media Group’s green initiative will flow throughout the company and all studios and offices will be overhauled to make production greener – from company refrigerators only storing products that are 100% recyclable to having a completely paperless workflow and cloud based technology.


Josh Jones, CEO of JJ Media Group commented:

“As an end-to-end production agency, we’re used to travelling around the country to provide all the tools required for the perfect shoot. After spending years on set, I have always hated the amount of wastage in the industry and I believe we’re now at a turning point – clients are increasingly becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and are expecting their suppliers to stand up to a high level of scrutiny.

As a company, we think it’s our responsibility to be considerate of the environment during this process and are completely committed to having a green future. This is about an ongoing investment to consider and improve our environmental footprint.  It’s not about following a temporary trend. It’s about setting a permanent one.”

For more information on JJ Media Group, visit: https://jjmedia.com/