Cuco – Handmade Furniture

In September, as we walked around 100% Design fair taking in the incredible stalls that surrounded us, we came across Cuco, a handmade furniture company based in Portugal. We absolutely loved their quality, earthy designs and their colour palette is to die for! We got in touch with Ricardo, from Cuco to find out more –

Tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your background?

I’m an architect graduated in Porto, Portugal. I always had an interested for architects who worked in different scales, especially in furniture design. My favourites were Charles and Ray Eames and more recently Jean Prouvé. 

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Tell us about the company

The company was created with a friend architect beginning with the desire to make prototypes and testing new materials. 


Your website states Cuco is a ‘new concept of handmade furniture’, can you explain more?

This is the reflex of our constructive techniques that are carefully studied with local artisans. Even if the industry as been developing industrial processes we try to study solutions of integral pieces that require handcrafted solutions.   

What’s your ethos?

Nature is our inspiration. The name of the collections reflect the concept behind the design process.

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Why do you work with the materials that you do?

The choice of materials is closely linked with the traditional industries that contribute to our brand. They are essentially of natural origin, with a sensitive touch and preferentially recyclabel. 

The colour palette you use in your designs is beautiful, what inspired this?

In my point of vue the natural colors of materials are always beautiful. The contrast that we like is between the natural and the artificial. Colour contrast and palettes are the reflex of this process.

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Do you have plans to open a London store?

For the moment no but I intend to exhibit regularly in the future.

Have you noticed any trends in the industry at the moment and do they influence the work you produce?

Our work is not very influenced by trends. 

How would you best describe your customers and how does that influence the work you produce?

Our customers are striked by our pieces in an emotive way. In this sense we try for every new piece to involve the client essentially in an emotional way – starting from unpacking the box, to the simple assemblage that each piece require.

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Where can we find out more and buy the products?

The best platform to buy and get regular updates of our collections is the website 

You were showcasing at 100Design, how was your experience?

It was a a great experience to be able to talk with other designers and clients about our story and the way we intend to contribute with our work to a better future.

I’m not sure about you, but we want everything on their website right now!