Make Money From Your Home – A Day In The Life Of A Connect Booking

Location 15254 is a property registered on our Connect location library.

Connect is a peer-to-peer location platform, allowing clients and owners to communicate directly whilst booking film, shoot and event locations. There are three subscription models for properties to pick from when registering either £7.50 a month, £75 a year, £250 for our ‘annual pro’ listing. Clients pay no booking fee!

Location 15254 is a beautiful Victorian property with a minimal aesthetic and a modern finish. The bi-folding doors open up to a generous size garden, flooding the property with natural light. It was the open plan kitchen/dining area that recently clinched a deal and gained the property’s first booking.


We caught up with the owner, Matthew Tansley, about a recent shoot that took place at his property for Tassimo’s campaign introducing ‘Tassimo, My Way- The Personal One‘.

Matthew added his property to our Connect library after hearing about it from us here at JJ Media Group. The property had been a part of our Connect library for 6 months before receiving its first booking, which paid £1500 for the 1 day shoot… that’s a whopping £1,470 profit!

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.27.50

So how did the day go? We asked those burning questions that you may also have: How long was the day? How many people did you have in your house?

“The filming took place throughout the day, with a crew size of 15”, Mathew told us. Now, I know 15 people in your house may sound like a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the property. Matthew was in throughout the day and didn’t feel the need to leave, but remember little things like if the filming is happening in the kitchen you’ll need to plan ahead;  order some food in and pop your kettle in another room so you can still use the necessities. Little things like this will make the day much more enjoyable for both you and the crew.

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A typical filming day is around 9 hours long and starts with the crew loading in and setting up. “Before a company commits to your property, the crew will come and look at your house, something you’ll need to allow time for” Matthew tells us before going on to say how “everything went smoothly” – All in all, the feedback we’ve received from Matthew’s booking has been extremely positive, with the overall experience being described as “Excellent” and “A service I would recommend”.

Here’s the final video, filmed at location 15254, for Tassimo.

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