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Make money from your property with JJ Media

Hire out your property as a film, TV and photographic shoot location.

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We connect your property with a trusted network of producers from around the world. Taking no commission, giving you 100% of the fee. Our team are here to offer support and guidance throughout the whole process.

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How to Register

Sign up below to create your profile and gain access to your owners dashboard. From here you can create your listing, access our help centre and manage your account. It’s a simple three step process. Create your properties details, add your images, finally, choose your price plan and your space will be online immediately.

Price Plans

We offer 3 simple price plans. Monthly at £7.50, Annual at £75, and Annual Pro at £300 a year which includes a professional photographer and a private account handler.

Each plan is per property but commercial rates are available for owners with multiple spaces.

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Members Benefits:

Live Chat

We are just a click away, with our expert location agents on hand throughout the day. Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.

Support Centre

Our team of experienced agents are committed to transferring 30 years of knowledge into our online support centre. This has been designed for all our loyal members worldwide.

Contract Templates

Our expert legal team have drafted a location contract which covers your property so you don’t have to worry.

High Volume of traffic

JJ Media is widely recognised throughout the creative industry as a valued production tool, due to this we have high quality and volume traffic to our site.

Easy Interface

Our cross platform mobile interface allows all of our users to interact with and upload properties from anywhere in the world.

30 Years Experience

We managed the most exclusive and diverse properties across the UK. This knowledge and passion allows us to provide a secure and informative platform for our customers.

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