Come home to roost at The Coop

Clients booking our jj Studios fall in love time and time again with the industrial chic interiors that our two sites in London’s east end offer. Shoreditch may be synonymous with the historical industrial heartland of east London, but we’re not all about the east here at jj HQ. Have you ever considered heading north for in search of your perfect shoot-ready warehouse?

Don’t worry, we’re not asking anyone to travel north of the Watford Gap… we’re simply introducing a great new photography and event location, The Coop, located in Willesden, North London.

The Coop brings a rugged, red-blooded tone to our agency’s collection of exclusive locations that can only be booked through jj Media. The period warehouse interiors offer a variety of textures from newly-poured concrete floors, brick walls (with alluring period paint) and smoother, plain white walls. Being at the helm of a few industrial warehouses ourselves, the jj team knows that a variety of texture goes a long way.



The finer details of the location offer unique, retro/mid-century furniture, including some several species of chair, vintage lamps, sumptuous carpets and a few ample-sized sofas on which to lounge – all of which introduce bold colours that give the air of a desirable and sophisticated bachelor pad.


Perhaps our favourite bit of The Coop is the suggestion of a motorbike garage in the far corner. Complete with vintage cycles, the aforementioned ‘ruggedness’ of the location comes to life amongst the tool kits and workbenches. We think this ‘man zone’ is the perfect backdrop for a location where greasy masculinity is required.


The Coop is reference 5619 on our jj site and more images of the shoot location can be seen here.

To book this location for your photo shoot or event get in touch with one of our Location team today: // 0207 7490500

Speak soon,

Emma x