Chelsea Clearings: A Large-Scale Project Waiting to Happen

It’s not often that a location with all the obvious strengths and large-scale potential of Chelsea Clearings comes our way. However, we can reveal an exclusive window of time to offer this unique property for filming, events and fashion shoots. We spoke to our Account Manager, James Lankester for the details:

1. What makes this venue unique?

Chelsea Clearings is really unique because it’s a central London location, situated just off Sloane Street. It’s rare to find nearly 200,000sqft of completely empty and abandoned building in this area. The location boasts a large basement, 3 floors of an old school, 2 floors of event space, a fantastic rooftop and an outside mini football pitch and playground. The amount of space to create and build is astounding, it can very easily accommodate custom events.

JJ is very privileged to represent Chelsea Clearings exclusively, working on behalf of the owners to maximize revenue before the building is developed into the desired usage. At this stage, with the site being under-wraps and only just entering the market for film, stills, and events,  there is an element of urgency to make the most of this fantastic building. It’s an opportunity on a grand scale.
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 2. What type of events do you envision for this space?

With the ability to white-label the building in its entirety, and with the sheer amount of space, grand activations such as the Converse One Star Hotel which we welcomed to Wimborne House would probably be most suitable. Being quite a raw space it lends itself well as a blank canvas to build immersive experiences.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of the venue?

It had two previous uses, the lower half of the building was a primary school, which is now situated in a newly built unit opposite, and the upper half of the building was a warehouse and working display space for a well-known retailer. It was originally built in the 1930s, the building withstood World War II.
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4. Why do you think events have taken off at JJ Media Group?

We have certainly seen an upturn in events over the past couple of years, and are expecting a lot more with Perseverance Works winning bronze in the Best Unusual or Unique Venue category at the London Venue Awards on Friday – our first year entering!

Experiential events are a great way to showcase the brand and engage with more people. JJ owns and represents such great spaces, through the delivery and production of events we are seeing a lot of repeat business.

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