Castle Goring Revived

Lady Colin Campbell welcomed Nicola and me last week for a tour of Castle Goring, her beautiful home in the Sussex countryside. A pleasant drive from London, we were instantly awed by a magnificent gothic style facade of the property as we pulled up. Walking round the side of the house to meet Lady Campbell, we were met by a second facade; a more recognisably Georgian architectural presentation with classical pillars, friezes and sash windows.

The gothic style exterior, the first of the property's two facades to greet visitors
The gothic style exterior, the first of the property’s two facades to greet visitors

The dual faces of the property are a key attribute to the property’s awe-inspiring appearance, as well as providing two-locations in one for any film crew looking for some great exteriors in the same location. The property’s origins too are notable, the house was designed by the grandfather of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in the 1790s with the intention that his grandson would eventually live at the house. However the exiled poet drowned in Italy, aged just 29, before this was possible.

Castle Goring's Palladian facade neatly contrasts the gothic front: two locations in one!
Castle Goring’s Palladian facade neatly contrasts the gothic front: two locations in one!

Stepping inside the house, Nicola and I were impressed, not only by the sumptuous, colourful interiors, but also by how equipped the property is for events. The property was in near ruin when Lady Campbell purchased it just a few years ago, with staircases too dangerous to use and lots of peeling paint, she set to work on restoring the property with the aim that the house would fulfill its potential: to inspire and entertain. The restoration did not neglect the practicalities involved in hosting celebrations; the property boasts beautiful bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, a large dining table (and tableware), toilets, cloakrooms and disabled access. Annexing the main house – in the gothic wing – a newly restored chapel has already welcomed several happy couples through its doors.

Inside the house there is an exciting and eye-catching atmosphere made possible by the attention to detail. Lady Campbell, an accomplished artist, has lavished the property with her own style, using many pieces from her personal collection of artefacts assembled over the years. The unique ensemble is one that could never be re-created in a flash by an interior designer, but is the result of a careful eye, artistic flare and a degree of patience for finding the right pieces. We’d urge filmmakers, event planners and photographers to arrange a recce to see the property first hand; being at the location brings the collection to life!

Colourful sitting room in Castle Goring
Colourful sitting room in Castle Goring


The centre piece of the property’s interior is the staircase in the entrance hall that was added in the 19th Century. The wooden spiral staircase sits central below a giant glass dome. This area’s architecture does not conform to any other architecture exhibited on our location library, its curious curves lending themselves well to fashion photo shoots.

Castle Goring's 19th Century entrance hall which sits below a substantial glass dome.
Castle Goring’s 19th Century entrance hall which sits below a substantial glass dome.

Some photos from our recce to Castle Goring:



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Castle Goring is available now for filming, photo shoots and events. Please get in touch with me, Nicola or any of the agency team at jj Locations for more information. // 020 7749 0500

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