Daylight projection with the Jokerbug 800W for projection effects using a Bug-A-Beam AKA the 800W Joleko.

The 750W (Tungsten) Source Four fixture can easily be adapted to an 800W HMI (Daylight) fixture with this simple adapter, allowing controlled projection using cutters and Gobos.

How to attach the Bug-A-Beam to the Jokerbug 800W

  1. Remove the Beamer Reflector (loosen the 3x flathead screws) from the Jokerbug fixture
  2. Remove the Jokerbug retaining ring (silver collar)
  3. Remove the clear glass dome and two Teflon washers (note the washers are two different sizes!)
  4. Remove the 800w Globe
  5. Fully loosen the 3 flathead retaining screws (helps when attaching to the Bug-A-Beam)
  6. Fit the socket extension to the globe – being sure to fully push globe into extension. (this put’s the bubble in the correct position within the reflector inside the Bug-A-Beam.12f5215f-236f-4b7d-a307-a19c35909896-1
  7. Push the Globe (with extension pins fitted) into the Jokerbug.
  8. Attach the Bug-A-Beam to the front of the Source Four Fixture using the two screws (one is a Phillips located at the bottom the other is a thumb screw) Use the Yoke on the Bug-A-Beam to attach to a Pup stand or similar 28mm receiver.
  9. Carefully slide Jokerbug into Bug-A-Beam adapter



You now have an 800W Daylight projection fixture that can be used with cutters and gobo’s to create many effects.

This is great for putting light, or bouncing light from a greater distance and thus not having the set cluttered with stands and cables….

Bench Focussing the Source Four Fixture*

The Source Four fixture has a few knobs on the rear of the fixture. The Brass knob is for removing the lamp enclosure (to replace bubble). The two black knobs are used to Bench Focus the fixture (something we do here at JJ Media)

What is Bench focusing?

If you shine the fixture onto an even backdrop from around 3m you will see where the ‘hotspot’ is and the fall off between the Beam Angle and Field Angle. By altering these two knobs you can position the globes relative position in the head and thus alter the falloff or hotspot. (some people prefer a hotspot, some a more even field)


*Bench focusing isn’t needed (or available) when using the Jokerbug 800W and Bug-A Beam the reflector and globe extender are designed to align the globe perfectly in the fixture.