Botanical to… bugs?

Over recent seasons, there’s no questioning that the biggest trend has been botanicals and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. With many properties in our library embracing the trend and using greenery to bring the outside in, we’ve seen success in properties who adopt the theme. Talfourd Botanical, location 5185 (a JJ exclusive), is one of the most popular house’s we represent and is such a great example of how adding some life in the form of plants can inject colour, texture and create a tranquil living environment.





In October we visited 100% Design at Olympia and although botanicals were still a recurring theme, we saw a new approach, one step further you could say… insects. Yes, insects.




As we were browsing the trade fair, taking in the array of incredible interior setups, we noticed the colourful exhibit that was Wilful Ink. The company make ‘Fantasy wallpaper with insect, botanical and tropical illustrations and inky art prints‘,  using traditional printing techniques as opposed to standard digital print; the quality was exceptional. We can invest a lot of time and money trying to keep pesky little creepy crawlies out of our homes, but here’s a way of inviting them in… a way of appreciating the symmetry of a moth without it eating away at that beloved woolly jumper! Wilful Ink’s beautifully crafted prints make these little creatures into a work of art.



These wall hangings from Wilful Ink are an incredibly easy way to inject some colour into any room, without the time and commitment of wallpaper. We absolutely loved the addition of physical embellishments bringing the bugs to life, in a good way!



For more trend inspiration, head to our trending properties and be sure to check out Wilful Inks page.