Aladdin ALL-IN 2 RGB Colour Kit

The all new Aladdin ALL-IN 2 RGB colour kit, allows for simultaneous mixing of RGB and Bi-Colour LEDs, through an easy to use, intuitive flexible light source. The ALL-IN 2 kit boasts high colour accuracy, rated at CRI 98. Aladdin have been pioneering flexible light sources for many years, and are commonplace on film and photography shoots, thanks to their versatility and ease of use in confined spaces, not to mention the panel coming in at close to 500 grams. You can hide a panel almost anywhere in a scene.

The fixture is splash proof and features both an inbuilt battery plate and full DMX control. The kit comes as standard with a range of mounts, and even has a dedicated softbox and grid kit too.

A must-have on set tool, the new Aladdin All-In 2 is the perfect companion to any shoot. Do you need to accurately and discreetly light a car interior, or hide a light inside a cupboard? Look no further. A lighting Swiss army knife, now with full RGB colour.