After the ‘After the Afterparty’ Party

MTV x Jaegermeister hosted an amazing event, and live stream, last week at jj Perseverance. Charli XCX and friends joined us in AREA, LOFT and ZONE for the launch of her new song ‘After the Afterparty’.

To mirror the music video (and the season!), the evening was a Halloween inspired affair complete with zombies, fake blood, smashed glass and a whole lot of glitter.

AREA was rigged with a stage set up for Charli XCX’s live stream which was viewed by thousands online. Questions were sent in by the worldwide audience before her performance of ‘After the Afterparty’. Take a look at the playback here

LOFT and ZONE were flooded with hot pink lights, and some rather unusual decorations adorned the venues…

The set build in ZONE was the pièce de résistance, with one section totally transformed into a fishbowl style ‘room’. Performers played out some of the shenanigans from Charli XCX’s music video from behind the smashed glass windows. 

jj events-party interior

And of course, don’t miss the video itself…