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About Us

JJ Media’s mission is to provide a continuous line of service for all our production industry clients. From the first point of contact to the conclusion of a project, we provide a complete spectrum of services – studios to locations, catering to equipment hire.

By combining all of this under one roof, we make ourselves accountable for everything, allowing our clients to focus on the creation of beautiful content. Our vast experience within the industry means we can provide a seamless, well-coordinated service based on the dynamics of our client’s project.

No other company in the UK can provide the same level of continuous service.

Team JJ

Team member Katy Kitwood
Katy Kitwood
General Manager: London
Team member Emma Clarke-Bolton
Emma Clarke-Bolton
Senior Account Handler
Team member Lucie Celia Stroud
Lucie Celia Stroud
Senior Account Handler
Studios and Events
Team member Ian Tillotson
Ian Tillotson
Head of Studio Team
Team member Liam Griffin
Liam Griffin
Front of House Team
Team member Ary Vidot
Ary Vidot
Account Handler
Team member Christina Stathatou
Christina Stathatou
Head of Cameras
Team member Danny Rafferty
Danny Rafferty
Head of Warehouse
Team member Jake Jones
Jake Jones
Team member Aaron Minto
Aaron Minto
Team member Earl Wisdom
Earl Wisdom
Team member Richard Mullen
Richard Mullen
Marketing and Business Development
Team member Adam Forrester
Adam Forrester
Communications Analyst
Team member Caspar Clark
Caspar Clark
Financial Controller
Team member Alexander Dawson
Alexander Dawson
Financial Assistant
jj Media Group
Team member Josh Jones
Josh Jones
CEO & Co Founder
Team member Guy Heritage
Guy Heritage
Team member Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones
Chairman & Co Founder
Team member Martin Reith
Martin Reith
Non-Executive Director
Team member Jane Hughes-Jones
Jane Hughes-Jones
Non-Executive Director
Team member Ian Martin
Ian Martin
Non-Executive Director
Team member Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas
Commercial Director Jack Marchant
Jack Marchant
Commercial Director

The JJ Media complex forms its own ‘Shoreditch triangle’, having established itself across three sites just minutes apart. As the ever growing creative capital of London, we’re proud to call Shoreditch our home.

Our story
1987 - 2004

One day Johnny was born. A few years later he established Motordrive Location Co which provided location vehicles for photographic and film shoots. Being the multi-tasker he is, he also scouted and location managed photo shoots and the ... Johnny Jones Location Empire started to build brick by brick. Of course, back in the day this comprised negatives, prints and a trusty fax machine. Times and technology moved on, and in the process the company name was shortened to JJ Locations and the website was born. The library was converted to digital online content, lovely, friendly staff were taken on board and the fax machine was replaced by shiny new Apple macs. The JJ empire well and truly established itself as a well loved and respected location agency, finding locations for photo shoots, TV, films, music videos, commercials, press launches and media events.

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2005 - 2008

Josh Jones joined the family business and JJ Locations moved offices to the courtyard oasis of Perseverance Works in Shoreditch, an area of designers, creatives and East London sceners! JJ Locations opened their first location studio ... and the idea for The Shoreditch was born over a dinner party with friends after too many After Eights, while overlooking the courtyard in 2008.

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2009 - 2010

Six months later, after being arm deep in vintage furniture shops, overseeing a team of dedicated craftsmen, and extensive renovation work, The Shoreditch Location Studios launched with a bang in ... April 2009 with its second studio space.

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2010 - 2011

The beautiful and emotional birth of the The Shoreditch LOFT and ROOF studios heralded a new era of London's premier studio spaces, with ZONE joining the action on the 1st August 2009. In August 2010 the amazing BASE completed ... the successful collection of boutique and designer location studios which are all owned and managed by JJ Locations.

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2012 - 2013

2012 saw JJ embrace all that is modern, giving way to the JJ rebrand and a new website. The JJ brand is now home to four beloved studios: BASE, LOFT, ROOF and ZONE. As well as continuing as the well-known ... and hugely successful location agency, JJ now offers a full lighting, catering and digital service.

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2013 - 2014

In August 2013 JJ acquired Sarah Eastel Locations who, along with the very talented Emma Clarke-Bolton, have now been relocated to our office in Shoreditch. This is a very exciting opportunity for both ... agencies, as SEL brings a wealth of new locations and clients to the table. With Sarah Eastel Locations under our belt it was time to move into a bigger office, so we sadly closed BASE as a studio and relocated downstairs. We also got our hands on a new studio and after months of development and design are pleased to announce the opening of HOME, a 2000 sq ft studio packed with solid oak, parquet flooring. To top it all off, after an already exciting start to 2014, Johnny announced Josh Jones as Managing Director along with Martin Reith as Non Executive Director.

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2014 - 2015

April 2015 saw the addition of a fifth studio to the JJ collection in the form of AREA. This 2,100 sq ft studio is a fresh, double-height space adding a new look to the JJ studio portfolio. Talking of new looks - this year ZONE underwent ... a sleek makeover, incorporating elements of Scandinavian minimalism into its neutral palette. We were also delighted to announce our new exclusive collection - a handpicked selection of properties from our portfolio which are now solely represented by JJ.

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2015 - 2016

In June 2016 we were thrilled to announce the acquisition of SNAP Studios and ThreeFour Lighting and Camera Hire. All together JJ now spans 30,000 sq ft, comprising 10 bespoke spaces in Shoreditch, a full stock of lighting and camera ... equipment, and a 2000 strong location library. We added SNAP’s portfolio of five studios at Wimborne House, SOHO, PARK, VIEW, ROME and ROOF to the JJ family. We also re-christened our own ROOF studio at Perseverance Works as APEX, echoing its much revered vaulted ceiling and sturdy beams. The acquisition marks an exciting redirection of JJ as a brand. The newly forged JJ Media Group encompasses JJ Locations, JJ Studios, JJ Equipment and JJ Events, each driven forward by its own dedicated and experienced team. We look forward to welcoming clients new and old to our unparalleled selection of fully-serviced studios.

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