10 Reasons Why You Want to Instagram in our Lounges

London is full of Instagram-able spaces, but it’s often rare to find somewhere where you can work and snap at the same time. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done with our exclusive designer lounges. We have filled them with quirky props, branded colours and plenty of chic backdrops. With our giant windows facing the sun you’ll have plenty of natural light to illuminate your photographic masterworks and reach those no-filter goals.  Here are 10 reasons why you’ll always see us with our selfie sticks ready in our lounges…

1. The Location

It might be an obvious one, but we want to kick off this list by mentioning one of the best things about our lounges, the location. We are at the heart of the trendy East End and we are busy all the time, there is always something going on to photograph. You might even be lucky enough to see SantaCon this December…

2. The Decor

We have added a range of vintage props, carefully selected by our talented studio team, to aid your creative goals in our lounge. Why not spend some time snapping against our newly painted brick wall or old school gym equipment. We are changing them all the time so they never get boring!


3. The clientele

This might not be a physical attribute but it sure does help to have like-minded people around to share ideas with and to offer constructive feedback on those posts and stories. Our studios are always occupied by other photographers, producers and filmmakers.

4. The Natural Light (and windows)

Our windows are huge and face the sun, shining from the outside courtyard to create picturesque natural light. And just wait until we get those M-Series outdoor lights in our courtyard, which are great to photograph and also create brilliant light.



5. Free WiFi

We have free WiFi!! Need we say any more? It’s super-fast so you should have no trouble at all uploading videos and images in our lounges. You can also chat with our responsive team for advice on equipment or to order last-minute extras!

6. Milliners

Our Milliners branding is designed to provide the perfect backdrop to achieve your creative goals. Muted colours, not too brash that they overwhelm. In terms of the feelings they inspire, blue is often associated with optimism and pink (or light orange) is thought to have a calming effect.


7. Grind Coffee

Who doesn’t need coffee whilst they Instagram? We use Grind Coffee, which is an expertly chosen blend, consisting of 70% Brazilian Sao Jose and 30% Colombian Los Idolos. The Colombian is really fruity; lots of citrus, particularly lime, which works incredibly well with the chocolate flavours of the Brazilian. Believe us, it makes a great espresso!


8. Great service

Our studio assistants are always on hand to help with any query, and all trained to make coffee by the experts at Grind. Need extra kit, more hangers or even a printing job done? We will be happy to accommodate your requests.

9. The Design

Wimborne Lounge pulls inspiration from the 1920’s, with Parisian lights hanging proudly above our espresso bar. And our studded velvet booths have been snapped more times than we can remember!

Perseverance Lounge has painted brick backdrops and concrete floors as well as carefully selected furniture, complementing these features. People love to snap our chic reception desk and worktops!



10. Magazines for inspiration

Run out of ideas? We provide the latest fashion magazines for you to look through to get your creative juices flowing! If you are looking for a particular issue or magazine we don’t have, put in a request with our helpful studio team.

To shoot in our studios email amygreen@jjmedia.com